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Camera Lens Back Focus

A tutorial on how to check if your camera lens back focus is either set correctly or you have a lens fault.  Set the iris to wide open, zoom in and focus on a object, zoom out and if the picture goes out of focus then watch this short tutorial on how to adjust the lens back focus on cameras such as the PXW, PMW, HXR and HVR cameras.  If the back focus cannot be improved it is likely you have a lens fault.

Camera Service Description

We supply a adjustment and clean service for disc, card and tape formats that include a detailed report, this provides confidence that your camera is functioning as it was designed.

Disc Format Cameras

Laser alignment is crictical for disc compatibility between the camera and disc player, laser alignment is part of the service schedule along with pixel masking and function check.

Camera Sensor Cleaning

Check for dust by using a small aperture setting against a plain light wall or overcast sky, if you see specks, blobs or fine curved lines this indicates a sensor clean is required.  We carry out sensor cleaning in our dedicated clean work space.

Lens clean & check service

Piks supply a lens clean and check service to ensure your image is blemish free, we will supply an estimate if repairs are required to allow correct operation.

Camera sensor clean, dust on sensor, hair on sensor, mark on sensor

Camera Service & Repair

Professional camera service
Professional camcorder repair
Manfrotto tripod repair, Pro 5, 501HDV, 504HD, 503HDV,
Sennheiser repair, EW100 G2, EW100 G3, radio mic repair, Sennheiser microphone repair
Sachtler tripod repair, Video 18, Video 20, Video 20P
Sony Service  centre
FS7 camera

Camera Kit Service

You can send your complete camera kit comprising of camera, lenses, radio mics, audio and monitoring accesories along with a tripod and we will supply a free estimate to return it to it's original performance.

XDCAM camera
Canon C300
Canon lens