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Piks Video Engineering

Video Tape Service

Video tape based machines require periodic clean, tape path alignment and record/playback performance adjustments to ensure continued reliability.

Video Tape Performance

Our service procedure will optimise the performance and reliability of the machine and extend its working life, in turn, will allow access to your video tape archive now and in the future.

Video Tape Service & Repair

Sony HDCAM camera and VTR repair and service
Panasonic DVCPRO vtr service
Sony DVCAM service and repair
Sony DVW servicing and repair
HDV camera and recorder service and repair
Betacam SP player and recorder service

Spare parts for tape players will soon be exhausted, for continued use we recommend a service.

Professional camera service
Professional camcorder repair
Manfrotto tripod repair, Pro 5, 501HDV, 504HD, 503HDV,
Sennheiser repair, EW100 G2, EW100 G3, radio mic repair, Sennheiser microphone repair
Sachtler tripod repair, Video 18, Video 20, Video 20P
Sony Service  centre

Video Tape Formats

We are experienced in servicing and repairing all tape formats including BETACAM SP, DVCPRO, DVCAM, DIGITAL BETACAM, HDV, and HDCAM.